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If you enjoy your car and wish to continue as an auto hobbyist, you must be aware of legislation relating to motor vehicles. ACCC has a legislative advocate in Sacramento that keeps the ACCC board of directors informed of bills being introduced that will have an impact on the hobby. Board members, whom you elect, advise our legislative advocate whether to lobby for support or opposition to these bills. Every year, approximately 50 bills are introduced into the legislature that affect automobiles. These bills cover topics ranging from fuel taxes to emissions controls. ACCC is now part of the legislative review process for these bills, and takes a position on each. We also introduce legislation on behalf of the hobby.

As a member of ACCC, you receive 4 quarterly legislative reports (the Defender) containing a short summary of current bills. As an ACCC member, you may be called upon from time to time to write your elected representative to support or oppose bills. The more members we have, the stronger our voice is in Sacramento. Remember, the people in Sacramento are there because of your vote. They would like to be reelected so they vote as the people decree. The ACCC is part of that public.

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